A flair for the arts and an inherent ability to be creative has forged a path in the world of design. My journey began by earning an AAS Interior Design Degree from Parsons, The New School for Design, solidifying my passion as my future career. There, my studio work was published in the Parsons Archive. This propelled me into my first job post graduation, working as an in-house designer for The Switzer Group where I honed my graphic artist skills as well as my ability to form cohesive spaces from a blank slate. I was given the opportunity to work directly with some of our major clients, IBM, AMC, Wells Fargo and St. John University. With a never-ending drive to create, I pursued my own design brand, Paper Girl Print, a hand-painted watercolor and calligraphy card brand. I also used this space to do drawing challenges in the attempt to create something new everyday.  

After my experience with The Switzer Group, I explored my entrepreneurial side by becoming a freelance designer working with Pierce Lighting Studio as well as various graphic design jobs. It was through my freelancing that I found my true joy, working in television. I received the opportunity to day play as a PA for The Sinner, The Blacklist and Happy where I came to the realization that this is where my career would truly begin. My most recent job was for  Power Season 6 where I assisted our graphic artist on tasks daily for the entire season. 

In my latest pursuit to move forward toward my dream job, I applied to be a part of the union.  I am proud to say that I am now an active member of the IATSE LOCAL USA 829 and ready to embark on my first roll as a computer artist. 

With my diversified experience in architecture, design, lighting and graphics as well as various entrepreneurial and client facing experiences, I am confident I will bring a unique and unparalleled approach to any and all new opportunities in television.

Further notable accomplishments:

Features in Allermuir Fine Fair, GIFC Gallery in LA, an international traveling art show, as well as being feature in Fisher Parrish Gallery in Brooklyn in June of 2018.

An active member of 100s Under 100, a network of designers that gather to share ideas, concepts, and current works.



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