Young Women's Leadership Network supports two life-changing programs that empower students to break the cycle of poverty through education. With the support of Mrs. Ann Rubinstein Tisch, my team and I designed an office that will motivate and empower employees of this inspiring non-profit organization to continue to make a difference. Our goal for this office design was to mirror the spirits of student success and creativity. We wanted to bring in personality traits of the students directly into the space using color, art, and photography.  

YWLN WALL pattern green other side.jpg
YWLN WALL Pattern green.jpg

Core Walls: These walls define the space inspiring creativity. 

Mood Board For Inspiration 

Mood Board For Inspiration 

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YWLN requested to have a total headcount of 45 people, 7 offices, and various meeting areas. 

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Meeting Areas

YWLN emphasized the importance of an extremely flexible meeting space. We created a space that could transform into 4 variations - a typical setup (mix of large and small tables), a long table setup with 32 chairs, a setup with 7 8-person tables and a lecture setup with 51 chairs. We did this by using seven separate tables on castors that could be combined to make one large table, used as 7 separate tables, or could be folded up and put into storage for a lecture

Gallery Wall for Student Success! 

Gallery Wall for Student Success! 

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Plan: Carpet

We wanted to keep the flooring consistent throughout the space using a light gray carpet tile. To make our open workspace and focus rooms stand out, we used an accent carpet tile to do so.

plan: Wall Finishes

Throughout this space we used various graphics and textures to define each space. I personally created a graphic pattern to be painted on our core walls. These core walls are shown when you walk into the space through the front doors to reception, surround the primary meeting areas, as well as face the open work area. These walls are meant to inspire the workplace as well as mirror student creativity.  The accent office paint is inspired by this as well. These walls are shown highlighted in orange in the plan to the right and below in the renderings. 

041317_YWLN_PRESENTATION SM_Page_12.jpg